The MOBIPAT Company is specialized in patenting in Russia and the ex-USSR’s countries.

We render services on filing applications with the Russian Patent Office, the Eurasian Patent Office and the Patent Offices of the other countries of the former USSR as well.

The MOBIPAT helps to bring the applications into accordance with the Russian Patent Law and renders assistance in corresponding with the Patent Offices during the examination of the applications.

Our patent attorneys, experts and specialists have deep knowledge of the Patent Law, the significant experience in the patenting and the technical and technological background in many technical areas.

Our office is located in St.Petersburg, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and Europe, and we have good communications with Moscow.

We will be pleasant to have possibility to help you in patenting in Russia and the ex-USSR’s countries.

You can contact with us via tel. +7 (812) 959-19-89 or e-mail: